Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Web development is a loose word that includes many services, an experienced developer may be in charge of creating a simple, stable landing page or managing the creation of a complete, complex web system. It does not stop at the website, though. A professional website developer can work on Internet applications, social network services and ecommerce business solutions.

These services include backend website coding (changing website design in working site), custom systems to meet specific requirements, and the creation of a system that manages the content of a site or database (aka CMS). Of course, this is just a taste of all the possible services.

As soon as you approve web design, the same website development process begins. Once we understand the goals and requirements of your site, then developers will start coding, we will start by completing an initial page, and Once it was approved (for attendance and functionality), we will keep an eye on the same and feel to complete the remaining pages.

JKB is a custom web development company. We have more than 10 years of experience, and our work includes innovative designs that use creatively sophisticated features, solid information architecture, and intuitive site development. All our services have been enhanced with our designer knowledge and experience with various programming languages ​​such as PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XML and many others. Get a website that displays the latest trends in the competition and is the most up-to-date coding to push your website over the competition. This is a super-competitive market, and you can rely on giving a custom website that stands out from the competition.

How to Make a Website

Creating a website is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. But if you have never, then it may seem difficult. Where do all the http-dot-jahas and <tags this = ""> and <tag that = ""> and how do you get images and text there? Do not be scared well, this article will help you understand complications quickly!

Website Development

Designing Your Website

Get inspired

Look at the websites with great designs and think why they are doing great design. It is usually excluded from information, resources, links, and pages in ways that are easy to view and use. To get ideas about how to design your site, look for sites that do the same to get ideas about where you should keep different types of content

  • Be Realistic to Your Skills
  • The ease of use is the most important thing if you do not have any easy-to-easily information, so be sure to get that information very logical
  • Normally simple design, less pages, better
Website Development
Choose a topic and purpose

If your website is paid attention, you already have a great idea, then leave this step. If not, here are some things to help you understand. First, understand that there are billions of people on the internet, and there are a large percentage of websites if you limit yourself to something that has not been done, then you will never start.

  • When you think, "Internet," what's the first thing in your mind? E-commerce? music? news? Socialization? Blogging? These are all good places to start
  • You can create a website dedicated to your favorite band, and there is a chat area where people can talk about it.
  • You can create a page for your family, but be careful about such things. The internet is full of useless characters and the information that is given about your family is being used against you. Consider adding password protection to your personal family website.
  • If you are a news junk, or want to filter less than traditional media, then create a website and get publicly available feed from news providers like Reuters, BBC, AP and others. Create your own customized news aggregator (known by the strange name of "newspaper"), then see and show all the news suitable for digitizing.
  • If you are creative in writing then you can start a blog where you want to write about attracting monthly readers!

Website Development
Make a plan

Creating your website is taking the time and possibly money commitment, so set a limit on both, and then dig up. This plan should not be a big, complex spreadsheet or fancy graphic presentation, but very little, you want to consider what it will do for you and visitors, what you put on the website, where it goes on webpages.

Gather the content

There are many types of content and many people have their own ideas you should know what is best for your website and your needs Some things to consider:

A store: If you want to sell things, then you should know how you want to be available items. If you have relatively few things to sell, then you may consider buying one with a hosting service. Society 6, Amazon, and Cafepress are all well-established store hosts, which allow you to sell different items and set your own prices.

Media: Do you want to display the video? music? Do you want to host your files or do you want them to be hosted elsewhere? YouTube and Soundcloud are great examples of hosting options, but you have to make sure that the way you design your website, it allows these media types to display correctly.

Images: Are you a photographer? an artist? If you are planning to put original pictures on your website, then you might want to use those formats that can help keep them stealing. Make sure the images are relatively small or they are hidden behind some flash codes, so that they can not be easily protected.

Widgets: Widgets are your small programs that run on your website, usually helping you keep track of who they travel, what they are looking for, and where you are going to book appointments, display calendars You can also view widgets for more See which can be useful to you (just make sure the widget comes from a reputable source)

contact information: Do you want contact information on your webpage? For your safety, you should be careful what type of information is available to you. You should never display things like your home address or home phone number, because such information can be used to steal your identity, you may want to set a PO Box or a special email address for people If you do not have any business address then

Website Development
Draw a flow chart

For most people, the website starts at home page, this is the page that all people see when they first visit But where do they go from there? If you spend some time explaining how people can interact with your site, you will have a much easier time when you create navigation buttons and links.

Plan for user devices and situations

In recent years, smartphones and tablets have become an incredibly popular platform for browsing the Internet, and websites need them to be designed. If you really want to create a website that will stand at the test of time and be accessible to the largest number of viewers, then plan to make different versions of your site for different devices, or adjust one of the necessary adjustments Plan to use the design.

Website Development

Building Your Website

Decide what method or tool you'll use to build it

When your original idea is put down and there is a plan for how it will be kept, think about how to prepare it, the option is infinite, and people will give you this or 'fantastic' application, and Try to sell everything that should be "absolutely" on your site, though the reality is that there are some great tools to build websites, and one of them is for your position and needs. Will be most appropriate

Build it yourself

This is the first option if you have a website-building application like Adobe Dreamweaver, it is not very difficult to create a website from scratch. You may need to do some coding but do not panic! The HTML seems to be complicated, but it's like listening to Shakespeare-it's hard for the first time, but once you feel it, then it's not difficult.

Pros: Website design software simplifies the process of building sites by allowing you to drag and drop images, text, buttons, movies and more, usually without digging into HTML. Many web design applications make you especially the site for your smart phone or pad. If you are building a basic, personal website, then this is really a great way to go

Cons: There is a learning curve, and even though you do not dig into HTML, it's not completely gear-free. If you are in a hurry, this may not be the best solution. Perhaps the biggest thing is that if you are not a graphic designer, you may end up with a page that causes pain to the eyes. To make it somewhat quiet, there are many free templates in the app, and be aware of your limitations on the Internet-if you have any!

Website Development
Use a content management system (CMS)

This is another option, an example of a great option for building WordPress websites, this allows you to create web pages and blog posts quickly and easily, set up menus, allow user comments and manage, And there are thousands of themes and plugins you can choose and use for free. Drupal and Joomla are other great CMS options. After CMS is hosted, you can manage your site anywhere (in the world), which has an internet connection.

Pros: Very easy to use, install one click, and accelerate to get started with a lot of options (with a sufficient depth of experience for the more experienced user).

Cons: Some topics are limited, and are not free for everyone.

Build the website from scratch

This is the third option if you decide to create your own website from scratch, you have to start using HTML and CSS. There are ways to increase your HTML skills and add more features and depth to your website. If you are developing a professional website, then this tool will help you find the edge that is essential in any business venture.

  • CSS, which stands for "Cascading Style Sheets", CSS gives more flexibility to styling HTML, and makes basic changes-fonts, headers, color schemes easier to create in one place, and the medium of site They change those changes.
  • XHTML is a web language that has been defined by W3C standards. Almost similar to HTML, this is a strict set of rules to mark the information. What it means, for the most part, there are slight changes in how you write the code
  • See in HTML5 This core is the fifth revision of the HTML standard, and ultimately the lower version of HTML (HTML 4) and XHTML is also the same.
  • Learn the client-side scripting language, such as Javascript. This will increase your ability to add interactive elements to your site, such as charts, maps, etc.
  • Learn a server-side scripting language ASP with PHP, Javascript or VB script or Python can be used to change the way web pages are viewed in front of different people, and you can edit or edit the forum is. They can also help store information about people who visit your site, such as their temporary "shopping cart" for their user names, settings, and commercial sites.
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a technology to use a side-of-the-line language and a server-side language to get new information from the server without refreshing the page, often reducing the user's latency and users. As well as increasing the experience of bandwidth usage For a website that will see a lot of traffic, or an ecommerce site, this is an excellent solution.

Website Development

Test Driving Your Website and Going Live

Register your domain name

If you are on a budget, then there are strategies to buy cheap domain names. Find a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to spell. If you use domains that end with .com, you will end up with more traffic, but most people are easier, so be creative!

  • Look at Network Solutions, GoDaddy, or, the U.S. And good in UK 2 if you are looking for and searching the ideal domain name for your website in the UK. WordPress also includes a feature that lets you use the name tagged with your site, for example, But if you choose the name you chose. Also available as a com, you will be notified when signing up
  • You can buy domain names if they are "parked" or are online for sale through business sales sites It is a good idea to get legal and financial advice before buying an expensive domain name
Inspect your website

Before posting your site, it is wise to test it well. Most web design software has a way of testing your site without taking it online. Look for missing tags, broken links, search engine optimization, and website design defects. These are all factors that can affect the traffic and revenue of your website. In a matter of minutes, you can also map a free full work site to submit search engines like Google.

Website Development
Test your website

When you finish your website, test applicability. You can do this by asking some friends or family members to do this, give them a special job such as "Edit your profile" or "Buy Alpaca sweater from the Bards page". Sit behind them and navigate them-do not help them. You can get the possibilities where you need to improve navigation or clarify some instructions. Optionally use something like from user testing on specific demographics for different types of engagement. It is important to keep the platform in mind while testing a website in 2014 and ensuring that the website is useful for smartphones and tablets as well as desktop.

Keep a list of things you notice that it seems difficult or non-intuitive for the user

Launch it!

Choose a web host and upload your website. Your web host may have an FTP feature, or you can download your own FTP program such as file district or cybercrack. If you hired a professional to design a website, then they should take care of it for you (but still it pays to ask questions so that you can understand what is happening).

Note that there are ways to host your website for free.

Website Development

Website Considerations

Narrow down your concept

If you are doing it for money, then what are the opinions to make the highest profit? Which ideas require the most commitment? Which ideas look like they want to move forward? You will spend time working on your website, so choose the idea that is most emotional about you (which is also beneficial for you and practical).

Define your goals, and work to achieve them

The website you create can be for fun, it can be for profit, or some combination of two makes it easier for both to design your website and to understand and understand the results by knowing your expectations.

Website Development
Be ready for competition

Content sites require less investment but they also face more competition, because any content can start the site to make money from such a site, you generate income from the traffic received through advertising. , Such as to customize AdSense through Google AdSense, you have to deliberately write your content and make it interesting so that people can visit your site Can come Use specific keywords directed at people searching for specific terms; Just do not take away from this aspect or the material may be affected and the readers will not like it.

Be ready for responsibility

Ecommerce sites, which sell products, will require more maintenance and attention. You will need to think about shipping, sales, taxes, SSL, inventory updates and everything that a person with a brick-mortar storefront will have to manage. When selling products online, a system is necessary to answer questions quickly and deal with complaints; Many companies also help the phone, which you can outsource offshore if needed

If the goal is to add only one stream of income, then you can sell other people's products through an affiliate program, you can earn money without investing in the product or worry about shipping.

Website Development
Know the audience or market you want to reach

What type of service will your website offer? To learn more about your audience, conduct market research. Things include knowing or knowing: What do they do? how old are they? What are his other interests? All this information can help make your website more useful. However, be careful to admit that your site is targeting only one group - always look for trends that are of interest to other types of people, so that you can meet your interests and get the most out of new opportunities Able to

Do keyword research

It is necessary to determine if people are searching for relevant topics for your site and can be useful to learn more about your potential customers. A conscious attempt to include in-demand keywords in the site can also help you achieve a better search engine ranking. There are tools available from Google (eg and Overture, and third-party software developers who can make the keyword research process easier

  • Sprink the keywords you select in your text, but enter the quality of your content as it does not cause pain.
  • Creating optimized pages for search engines will help you achieve your site which is really more important than design. What good is a site that nobody sees?

Website Development

Now that he has left from there, you want people to come, then let them know!

  • Submit your site to major search engines, there are sites that do this for you, or you can do it yourself
  • Tell your friends Tweet about it-constantly! Add it to Flickr on your Facebook status update, post to Flickr, add it to your LinkedIn account- Somewhere else, the key here is more people coming to your site, better
  • Use an e-mail address with your domain Visit other websites, which are complementary to you (not competing with you), and offer links or guest blogs / write creative posts on blogs and forums, and your URL Put in your signature.
  • Using article marketing Creating SEO optimized articles and posting them on other sites is sometimes a useful way of creating back links on your website. This can help you promote your website's search engine ranking but always remains the same as search engine updates that often influence SEO strategies and can provide less support or even your site's Can downgrade ranking.

Provide quality content and service

Most listen to your readers and customers, and learn from your website from your experience.

  • Take creative comments seriously. Members, fans and friends of other bands may have all easy navigation ideas.
  • Think about your target market or audience: their needs, their frustrations, their circumstances As much as possible, informing your life easier or more

Website Development Website Development
How do you make a free website?

There are websites such as Wordpress, Wix, and Weebly which allow you to create a website for free.

How can I make a website for free?

You can use website builder, or you can learn web languages, such as HTML, CSS, PHP and / or JavaScript, and then get free domain and hosting services.

For people to practice a specific topic, multiple options for exam questions, I need to prepare a website. How can I do it?

Assuming that you want to enable the website to grade these exams, you have to use some kind of server-side interactivity (meaning regular HTML will not work for this). If you decide to use WordPress, you can install a number of free plug-ins that take care of all this for you. If you code your website, you may want to learn server-side scripting languages, such as PHP, Ruby, or Python. There are lots of tutorials on the Web that teach you how to do this.

Website Development
How do I earn money after making a webpage?

You can shop online on your website, because people are buying your product. You can also advertise on your website, which will give you more revenue based on how many people visit you on your website.

How can I make a website like YouTube? What language do I have to learn?

Creating a website like YouTube is difficult, especially if you have not learned any programming language based on your user flow, you need a large amount of servers, and the liberal knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and maybe SQL. But if you have some friends for knowledge, time, money and help, then learn some languages ​​above and start on the website. Note that I have heard that making user accounts is a difficult task, and most other forum replies provide you with third party hosting services.

How can I show my website in Google search?

You have a few options. There are companies that you can pay to help get a high spot on a search engine. You can also try DIY Ways: Start an ad campaign for your site in which you tell your friends and tell them to your friends and so on. If enough people visit your site, then it will be highly motivated on search engine returns. If you are a software company, people are going to search for "software" or "programming", so the more keywords you have in your site description and pages, the more Chances are when people search for that topic, you can come back in the form of hits. Finally, choose a unique URL / domain if your domain is "panda dot com", then it may be more trend when people are less clearly related to their subject than "panda".

Website Development
How do I add HTML and PHP files created for a website - files are different.

PHP is its own programming language that generates HTML pages. The advantage of "pre-processing" HTML pages is that different pages of your website can be customized based on user input (such as forms and comments). This is a great benefit, but it comes with a learning curve. Most hosting companies have already been built in PHP. This means that you can upload a PHP page to your website and it will only work. If you want to learn PHP, you can find online tutorials, but if you do not learn, you can touch regular HTML in a .php file and it will still work exactly as you want.

Which are the best website generators?

Many are available some of the better known options include WIX, Weebly, Wordpress, and Squarespace.

Do I Get Money From My Website? how does it work?

It is possible that you can earn money through advertisements and sponsorships

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